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Seeking Compensation for Tractor-Related Farming Accidents

Many see farmers as the salt of the earth that diligently tend their fields to provide the community with food. However, while some will acknowledge that farming is innately hard work, there are many who often overlook how dangerous it is. Farmers can not only deal with large and occasionally unpredictable livestock, but they work… Read more »

Who is Responsible for Injury Caused by a Dangerous Product?

When you buy any product from something as simple as a fidget spinner to companies buying huge pieces of machinery, you do so with a certain expectation that the product will be safe. To enforce this idea, there are a whole series of product liability laws that are designed to keep consumers safe. However, the… Read more »

Are Business Owners Responsible for Automatic Door Injuries

Most people use automatic doors every day. They are everywhere almost to the point where they cannot be avoided. They are meant to make lives easier for everyone, but while they are meant to open for us and close after we are through, malfunctions can occur. While not hugely common, when automatic doors malfunction, they… Read more »

Wisconsin Amputation Injury Settlement Lawyer

All Limbs Are Not Created Equal When It Comes to Amputation Injury Settlements If you have suffered a traumatic injury that resulted in the amputation of a limb or other extremity, then there is no doubt that you deserve compensation for your loss. With many injuries, they hurt and can lead to temporary losses, but… Read more »

Common Defenses Your Personal Injury Case May Face

Most commonly, personal injury cases are a result of an injury caused by another person. This means that when you file your lawsuit, you not suing some faceless entity, but rather you are facing down another person that will be responsible for paying your damages. Naturally, they will have a lawyer ready to defend themselves…. Read more »

What to Bring to an Initial Personal Injury Consultation

It is very rare that a person will be involved in more than one personal injury suit in their lifetime. This means that many people who are hurt badly don’t exactly know what to do when it comes to legal action. In fact, because talking to a lawyer is so daunting, many neglect filing a… Read more »