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Wisconsin Head Injury Lawyer

Whether suffered in a car accident, while playing a contact sport, because of a fall, or due to another reason, a head injury can be serious. If you have suffered a serious head injury, there are several things you should understand. What Are Some Common Head Injuries? Head injuries range from a small bump on… Read more »

Wisconsin Semi Truck Accident Attorney

For the most recent year for which statistics are available, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) reports that 7,358 large truck accidents occurred in Wisconsin. These accidents injured 2,187 individuals, many of them seriously. Sixty-three people died in collisions involving large trucks. Passenger Vehicles Vulnerable A fully loaded semi tractor-trailer might weigh as much as… Read more »

Wisconsin Bicycle Accident Lawyer

When a motor vehicle and a bicycle collide, the bicyclist is almost always hurt.  In the latest year for which data is available, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation says that a bicyclist is injured or killed in the state every 10 hours. In 2013, 868 bicyclists were injured in 958 crashes. Worse yet, 10 bicyclists… Read more »

Wisconsin Farm Accident Lawyer

Here in Wisconsin, farming is a way of life for many people. Agricultural accidents occur in the Badger State every day, and can have far-reaching consequences for those affected. Here is some information about them from the leading Wisconsin farm accident lawyers at the Harnitz Law Office. What Causes Farm Accidents? Farm accidents are caused… Read more »

Wisconsin Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Wisconsin Motorcycle Accident Lawyers want you to be aware of the costs of getting in a motorcycle accident that was not your fault. The risks of motorcycle ridership are well-known, but many people don’t know how their own driving behavior endangers riders. All riders need to be reminded of hazards they face as well. Finally,… Read more »

Wisconsin Boating Accident Lawyer

Boating is especially popular now as many people are taking advantage of living in a state with more than 15,000 lakes. This means more boat traffic, resulting in crowded waterways. That’s why it’s extremely critical that boat operators practice safe boating. Here are some boating safety guidelines from a Wisconsin accident lawyer, along with a few… Read more »

Wisconsin Plane Crash Attorneys

Although air travel is generally safe, plane crashes nonetheless happen every day. These crashes are far more devastating than automobile accidents, and result in greater injury and property damage than nearly any other type of mishap. Here are a few things the Wisconsin plane crash attorneys from the Harnitz Law Office would like you to… Read more »

Real Estate: Interrupting Adverse use and Adverse Possession

If you didn’t already know, on March 3, 2016, Wisconsin law changed in regards to adverse use and adverse possession of a record titleholder’s property. The law now says that a titleholder may interrupt the prescriptive use or adverse possession of their property by filing an affidavit of interruption with the register of deeds office… Read more »

Will Wisconsin Become More Debt Collector Friendly?

The Wisconsin government might give a major favor to agencies that make money collecting debts in the state. A law that is waiting for Gov. Scott Walker’s signature would make it less risky for debt collectors to pursue debtors in court and harder for debtors to prove that the debt collection actions against them are… Read more »

It’s Summer And Car Accidents Are Common

It is summer and that means heading out into nature, revving up the motorcycle, and even dusting off the bicycle. It also means there will be road trips. A road trip is a lot more fun in Wisconsin during warm weather than during the winter when snow and ice are on the ground and roadways…. Read more »