Do You Need to Report a Slip and Fall?

Do You Need to Report a Slip and Fall?

Slip and fall court cases typically don’t make the news, and in most cases, they don’t make it to court either. For many who slip and fall in a restaurant or a department store, it is an embarrassing incident that they just brush off and that is the end of it. However, it shouldn’t be…. Read more »

Why Boarding a Private Plane is Risky Business

For many who make the decision to fly to a destination, that fear of an aviation crash is always in the back of their mind. With any luck, it stays at the back of their mind, too. While commercial plane accidents are well publicized, considering the thousands of commercial planes that fly every day, crashes… Read more »

Determining Liability in Wisconsin Slip and Fall Cases

Many believe that slip and fall cases often aren’t very serious. Usually it is just a case of a bruised bottom and you are able to walk away embarrassed, but otherwise unscathed. However, some slips are more serious than others, and it is important that we remember that. If you are elderly and fall, it… Read more »

Defective Equipment and Construction Site Injury in Wisconsin

Construction work is one of the few profession in which the workers put themselves in dangerous situations each and every day. Construction workers have access to, or at least should have access to, a variety of safety equipment to keep them safe on the job. However, when you work in dangerous conditions and around a… Read more »

Seeking Compensation for Tractor-Related Farming Accidents

Many see farmers as the salt of the earth that diligently tend their fields to provide the community with food. However, while some will acknowledge that farming is innately hard work, there are many who often overlook how dangerous it is. Farmers can not only deal with large and occasionally unpredictable livestock, but they work… Read more »

Who is Responsible for Injury Caused by a Dangerous Product?

When you buy any product from something as simple as a fidget spinner to companies buying huge pieces of machinery, you do so with a certain expectation that the product will be safe. To enforce this idea, there are a whole series of product liability laws that are designed to keep consumers safe. However, the… Read more »