Business Transactions

A business will encounter a number of contracted business transactions throughout its life. It is important to minimize the amount of risk associated with each transaction by having a qualified and experienced Oshkosh business lawyer review the terms. While a business transaction may seem sound, there may be something within the language that leaves you vulnerable. When you have your attorney review the terms, you can catch those vulnerabilities so that you reduce the chances that you may have to deal with litigation later.

Help With All Types Of Business Transactions

A business transaction happens anytime services, goods or money are passed between people or businesses. They can be as large as acquisitions or as small as selling a service. However, the different types of business transactions are divided into three categories:

  • Simple business transactions – This is your typical transaction that may never happen again between the two parties.
  • Complex business transactions – This is the type of transaction that may require a number of events to take place before it is completed. These transactions are usually much larger.
  • Ongoing business transactions – This is where a contract is involved. You have ongoing business with another party, so a contract is involved that outlines what each party’s responsibilities are during this relationship.

The purchase of goods and services, business acquisitions, partnerships, and loans are examples of business transactions, but they don’t end there. Business transactions can also involve forming corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies; business mergers; protecting copyrights and trademarks and resolving conflicts before they turn into lawsuits. Regardless of the type of transaction, having an attorney review the terms can make a significant difference in the integrity of the transaction.

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When you have the Harnitz Law Office, LLC working for you, it is like having internal council without the cost. We are there for you when you need an Oshkosh business lawyer review transactions or give you advice on any other business matter.

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Business transactions have many moving parts. There should be no loopholes that could hurt either party, which is why it is imperative for each party to have their attorneys review the terms of the transaction. If you are taking part in a business transaction, you can have a qualified business attorney review the terms of the transaction to ensure that there is no part in it that is unfair to you. This can help prevent expensive and time-consuming litigation. To learn more about how the Harnitz Law Office, LLC can help you, call 920-456-9933 to request a free consultation.