It’s Summer And Car Accidents Are Common

It is summer and that means heading out into nature, revving up the motorcycle, and even dusting off the bicycle. It also means there will be road trips. A road trip is a lot more fun in Wisconsin during warm weather than during the winter when snow and ice are on the ground and roadways. Plus, the gas prices are lower in the summer, which makes road trips even more exciting.

But fatal crashes increase during the summer months.

Because negligence is a major contributor to car accidents during the summer months, Oshkosh car accident injury attorneys see more injured clients from the Fox Cities.

Here are some things that you need to know about driving in Wisconsin in the summer months:

  1. Use your seatbelt

Not using a seatbelt is one of the biggest risks for being killed or suffering serious injuries in a crash. A person not wearing their seatbelt is 7 times more likely to be hurt or killed in an accident.

  1. Alcohol is the biggest contributor to fatal crashes

A crash where alcohol is involved is 11 times more likely to result in death or very serious injury. Because of the outdoor gatherings and other events that happen around the state, alcohol consumption seems to increase and that means the number of drunk drivers increases.

  1. Wisconsin has a lot to do

You don’t necessarily have to go far away on a road trip. There are many things to do in the state. In fact, most Wisconsin residents stay in-state rather than traveling out-of-state. However, Wisconsin is a destination for residents of surrounding states.

To highlight how prevalent crashes can be during the summer, it was on June 15 that two were injured in a crash at an Oshkosh intersection. The intersection was closed for a while as the crash scene was cleaned up.

In another accident, the Wisconsin State Patrol arrived on the scene of a fatality on I-41. The 23-year-old driver had been struck by another vehicle.

A fiery two-vehicle crash on US 45 left one dead and four injured earlier in June, shutting down the highway for a number of hours.

Motorcycles are no exception, as two were hurt in a Washington County accident.

It is important to be as safe as possible while on the roadways, but even that isn’t enough when someone else is being negligent. If injured due to someone else’s negligence on the road, you can contact an injury attorney immediately so the proper action can be taken to make sure your accident-related expenses are paid for by insurance rather than out of your own pocket.