Wisconsin Eye Injury Lawyer

Good eyesight is essential for almost every aspect of life; however, many people do not realize how dependent they are on their vision until after they have suffered a Wisconsin eye injury. Eye injuries are among the most devastating ones for a number of reasons, and could entitle you to recover damages in a court of law.

What Causes Eye Injuries?

Eye injuries can occur in a number of instances, but some of the most common involve accidents that result in a sudden impact to the eye. For example, an automobile accident in which an airbag deflates and comes into contact with the eyes could cause drastic changes in vision. Others such as industrial or construction site accidents that involve flying objects getting into the eye often result in permanent damage as well.

A number of chemicals are hazardous to the eyes, and must therefore not come into contact with them. Even so, many workplaces do not offer protective eyewear or have eyewash stations available in the event a harmful substance splashes into the eyes. Employees at these workplaces can suffer irreversible damage when chemicals come into contact with the eyes, especially if they cannot be flushed out immediately.

Burns can negatively affect every part of the face, including the eyes. As such, firefighters, incinerator operators, and foresters who engage in prescribed burns may suffer second or third-degree burns to the eyes.

Types of Damage

Accident victims are most concerned with a full or partial loss of vision, but may nonetheless suffer in other ways. They may have shooting pains in one or both eyes; have difficulty blinking or moving the eyes; or suffer from chronic dry eye. Individuals may also notice spots in front of their eyes, have limited night vision, a detached retina, or a reduction in their peripheral vision. All of these things can greatly affect one’s quality of life, and make performing everyday activities extremely difficult.

What Damages Can be Recovered?

When it comes to eye injuries, victims may recover medical expenses that include the cost of surgery, medication, and special eyewear. Reimbursement for the services of a caregiver or even the use of a service animal is possible in instances whereby a person’s vision is so bad that he or she requires assistance.

Eye injuries are especially problematic because they often result in a great deal of lost wages. As such, it may be possible to recover damages for a loss of future earnings if an individual is unable to perform his or her usual occupation. The cost of job training for a new occupation is sometimes considered when calculating damages as well.

Compensation for pain and suffering is typically requested whenever an eye injury results in permanent disability. Pain and suffering does not have to be physical in nature, as judges also take into account the fact that victims must often give up their independence or forego doing certain activities they once enjoyed. The fact that those with reduced vision often suffer mental anguish is highly considered when calculating damages for pain and suffering.

Recovering Damages

If you suffer an eye injury, your first obligation is to mitigate the damages. Courts will generally not award damages unless you make every possible effort to prevent your situation from becoming worse. Document every detail surrounding your injury-use a voice recorder to record your notes if you are unable to write them down.

Once you have taken all the necessary precautions, please contact us so that we can assess your case and let you know whether or not a remedy is available. The sooner you call, the greater your odds of a successful recovery are, so it is important you do not delay.