Wisconsin Golf Ball Injury Lawyer

For most, a round or two of golf is considered relaxing and a great way to spend time outdoors. Your fun, relaxing afternoon could quickly become harrowing if you wind up in the emergency room because of a golf ball injury. This happens more often than you think, leading many people to require assistance from a Wisconsin golf ball injury lawyer.

Common Golf Ball Injuries

Although golf balls are small, they can nonetheless cause a great deal of damage to people and property. The sheer force at which a golf ball is struck makes it a dangerous projectile that can cause severe damage to the eyes, nose, ears, or face. Players may suffer minor injuries such as a busted lip or “bump on the noggin”, or more serious ones such as a broken nose or concussion. Permanent damage to the vision could also occur if you are struck in the eye by a golf ball.

What Causes Golf Ball Injuries?

A good number of golf ball injuries occur whenever a player is not paying attention. For example, an individual might tee off while another person is walking along the fairway, or fail to call out “fore” whenever a stray golf ball is headed someone’s way.

Injuries can sometimes happen while receiving golf lessons if the student does not pay attention to the teacher or is given improper instruction.

Some golf courses are designed in such a way that the likelihood of an injury is increased. An example is when there are a large number of trees or other objects that a golf ball might bounce off of and hurt someone.

Anger may play a part in some golf ball injuries. Players who are frustrated with the way their game is turning out may throw golf balls or clubs, thereby causing harm to others.

Improperly securing golf balls while riding on a golf cart could cause others to become injured if the balls roll off of the vehicle and cause nearby players to stumble and fall.

Some homes are located directly on golf courses. Residents of golf course homes can be subject to injuries more often than others, since they are exposed to flying golf balls on a daily basis.

Possible Repercussions

Those who are injured by a wayward golf ball are often unable to perform their day-to-day activities while they recover. Some will need to take time off from work or have their vacation plans ruined. Residents who live on golf courses may hesitate to spend time outdoors, and may even contemplate selling their property. Many people will have a hard time enjoying golf again, and may give up playing on leagues or tournaments because they do not want to become injured in the future.

Serious accident victims will face some of the same issues that plague the victims of other types of accidents, such as multiple surgeries or the need to take pain medication. However, individuals who are involved in a golf ball accident are rarely taken seriously, even when their condition is more severe. As such, they may be chided by friends and family members for being overdramatic, and find that those around them are not as willing to offer assistance as they would have hoped.

Help is Available

If you are injured by a golf ball, this is no laughing matter. The first step you should take is to obtain the necessary medical treatment and then contact us to find out if there is a remedy available to you under law. We promise to take the matter seriously, and will never dismiss your complaints or make you feel self-conscious about them.