Wisconsin Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Wisconsin Motorcycle Accident Lawyers want you to be aware of the costs of getting in a motorcycle accident that was not your fault. The risks of motorcycle ridership are well-known, but many people don’t know how their own driving behavior endangers riders. All riders need to be reminded of hazards they face as well. Finally, motorcycle riders should know what can happen after someone else causes an accident.

Wisconsin Motorcycle Accident Statistics:

Wisconsin DOT statistics reveal that the state experienced an average of 2,376 motorcycle accidents per year between 2009 and 2013. There were an average of 2,161 injuries and 91 fatalities during those years. The good news is that injuries have been trending downward. The bad news is that motorcycle riders face a greater risk of serious injuries in collisions with people driving cars or trucks.

Motorcycle Riders Face Greater Risks:

Everyone who rides should know that motorcycles are harder to see and often get ignored by drivers anyway. Darkness and heavy fog are a bigger threat to motorcycle riders, because they are smaller in the first place. Big vehicles like buses and semis easily hide a motorcycle from drivers. Inattentive drivers are more likely to notice the motorcycle rider a bit too late. The motorcycle rider almost always gets the worst of it when a collision happens.

Inattentive drivers are a bigger threat to the motorcycle rider. You can be knocked off your bike because of a bump that would just scratch a car. Yet, many drivers are as focused on their phone conversations and satellite radio programming as they are on what’s going on around them. Vigilance on the rider’s part doesn’t always make up for lack of attention by drivers.

Natural hazards can be more serious for a motorcycle rider. The same bad weather that creates issues for drivers is a bigger issue for motorcycle riders, who are already harder to see. Unexpected slick spots pose a serious risk to a person on a motorcycle. Wind gusts are potentially more dangerous for a rider than for someone in a car. And, of course, heavy fog and rain make motorcyclists harder to see.

Distracted driving or simple bad luck often cause life-changing accidents, even among the most attentive and experienced motorcycle riders. Unfortunately, distracted driving is an epidemic, in spite of laws against texting and driving, emailing and driving, reading and driving and so on. Drivers who aren’t necessarily looking for motorcycles are even less likely to see them. This is probably part of the reason that motorcycle riders are many times more likely to be in a road accident.

If you have been severely injured in a crash, you cannot depend on the driver or their insurance company to cover the costs either.

Insurance Companies Pressure Accident Victims:

After your accident, you can be almost certain the insurance company will offer a settlement and pressure you to accept their terms too. This is a good strategy for the insurance company because when accident victims settle, their costs go down. For the injured rider, the settlement is likely to be too little. However, the settlement offer can be tempting to an injured person with mounting medical bills and, in many cases, no income.

If the other driver was clearly at fault, the situation doesn’t change. Their insurance company will press for a quick settlement for as little as possible. You may still be in the hospital when a settlement offer comes. Don’t sign anything without speaking to a personal injury attorney first. Doing so can only lead to giving away your legal rights.

Motorcycle riders deserve to be treated just like other motorists who have been in accidents. If you were injured in a motorcycle accident caused by someone else’s recklessness, please¬†contact us¬†to discuss your case.