Wisconsin Shoulder Injury Lawyer

Are you suffering from pain in your shoulder due to an accident that wasn’t your fault? The lawyers at Harnitz Law Office know the predicament that you are in because we’ve helped many clients like you with a shoulder injury claim. It might be hard to fasten your clothing and to cut the lawn. You might have difficulty enjoying everyday activities with your children. Shoulder pain might be keeping you up at night, causing you to feel sleepy on the job. While you’re trying to keep all of your balls up in the air, you must take time for medical appointments and hope that your shoulder heals well. Meanwhile, the medical bills are adding up to a staggering sum. How will you ever pay them back?

You aren’t alone in seeking justice. The best advice that you can use is to take your time and to tackle one issue at a time. Get to the doctor first and don’t miss any appointments. Ignore contacts from the insurance company and refuse to give any statements. Meet with a shoulder injury lawyer when you have enough time. Don’t make any choices that could adversely impact your future without thinking them through and weighing all of the options.

A shoulder injury is serious. This type of injury can result from an unexpected trauma or fall in one of the following types of accidents:

  • Bicycle and pedestrian accidents
  • Motor vehicle accidents involving one or more drivers
  • Slip and fall accidents resulting from property owner negligence
  • Park, swimming pool, and trampoline accidents
  • Workplace accidents
  • Construction-site accidents

These types of accidents can injure your shoulder permanently and decrease your quality of life. Even if you have just sustained a soft tissue injury involving your shoulder, you are still experiencing pain and suffering. This should not have happened, but now you must deal with the consequences. Whether you have a broken bone, need arthroscopic surgery, or just have soft-tissue damage to ligaments, muscles, or tendons connecting to the shoulder, you might have a valid injury claim. You deserve aggressive representation against the insurance companies.

We have accurate answers to personal injury questions. It helps if you protect your financial interests by choosing a law firm with experts in settling and litigating shoulder injury cases. Not all lawyers specialize in this area of Wisconsin law, and so this decision definitely affects your future. Find a lawyer whom you can trust. Whatever you do, don’t accept a settlement right after the accident. You won’t know the extent of your injuries until you have completed all of your medical treatment.

It matters what kind of injuries that you sustained in the accident. Some shoulder injury cases are easier to prove when trying to seek compensation from the at-fault insurance company. When you have had a surgery or a permanent injury, the insurance company is more likely to settle. The soft-tissue injury, while very painful and sometimes permanent, is difficult to pursue as a claim. It is less likely to qualify you for any damages.

How will you choose? You’ve heard the ads on the radio by law firms claiming that they’re the best Wisconsin shoulder injury lawyers in the state. The truth is that you shouldn’t believe everything you hear. There’s nothing more helpful than sitting down with lawyers face-to-face, listening to their qualifications, and asking questions about their proposed action plan for your injury case. Here at the Harnitz Law Office, we encourage you to consider the competency of personal injury attorneys and not base your decision to hire a lawyer solely upon advertising.

We want to offer you a free consultation and understand the impact of your shoulder injury on your life. We will collect the facts surrounding your accident and document your injuries. We will pursue any compensation that you might receive under the law. For details on opening your shoulder injury case, please contact us today.