Wisconsin Soft Tissue Injury Attorneys

A soft tissue injury can change your life. Harnitz Law Office works on behalf of soft tissue injury victims. This kind of injury causes pain and suffering to the connective tissues of your body, including muscles, tendons, and ligaments. You might have a whiplash or another type of injury that affects these areas of your body:

  • Head, neck, and shoulders,
  • Spinal column,
  • Hips and pelvis,
  • Arms, legs, hands, and feet.

Any of these areas of the human body can sustain sprains, strains, bruises, and abrasions due to abnormal movements or impacts during a traumatic accident. Typically, the human body is not expecting an accident to occur, and it cannot take preventive actions to minimize soft tissue damage at the moment of impact. It’s different than a slip and fall situation when the body has a momentary chance to react and cushion its fall.

Seeking justice is not a simple undertaking. Harnitz Law Office reaches out to and aggressively represents people in the state of Wisconsin who have been victimized in a car accident and sustained a soft tissue injury. We understand that you have many questions about dealing with the effects of your injury. You have a right to be compensated for the injustice that you have experienced.

It’s a tricky road to go alone. Understanding the relationship between car accidents and soft tissue injuries is our job. We know how to prepare the facts in your case and make a claim on your behalf to all involved insurance companies. Soft tissue injuries are tough to substantiate. They are often not as straightforward as injuries involving broken bones or surgery.

Will insurance cover all of your medical expenses and lost wages? We help you to understand how your medical bills might be covered through a successful recovery. It’s not fair, we know, but most insurance companies will not reward a settlement to a victim with a soft tissue injury. This kind of case is just so hard to prove. Don’t expect reimbursement from any at-fault insurance companies until the end of the case. Furthermore, if you have uninsured motorist coverage, there might be a potential claim, especially if all at-fault coverage limits, if any, are low or are insufficient to cover your claim.

Recovering from your injury is your first priority. While the medical bills are piling up and you’re worried about getting back and forth to the doctors, you feel stressed out and anxious. You might even lose your job. We can answer your questions in detail, including information about recovering lost wages and transportation costs.

Don’t let the at-fault insurance company deny your claim and surrender any compensation to which you are entitled. Because the whiplash or other injury that caused soft tissue damage is challenging to document, even with expert medical testimony, you want us on your side. We’re here to explain your legal rights in terms that you understand.

Expect a time delay. For many victims, a car accident is more than a temporary setback. It’s the beginning of a long road to healing from soft tissue injuries and frequent trips to medical treatment, which may include a combination of neurology, orthopedics, chiropractics, pain management, physical therapy, and massage therapy. It’s not where you want to be when you are accustomed to an active lifestyle and need to work to stay afloat. What’s more, some soft tissue injuries do not surface right away. The longer it takes for you to seek medical treatment, the harder it is to prove that your pain and suffering resulted from the accident.

For more details on claiming insurance benefits for your soft tissue injury, please contact us today.